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Is this a kingdom or democracy? asks Imran Khan


Imran Khan on Friday vowed to not rest until Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is held accountable for what the PTI chief called his [PM’s] “corruption” even as Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed dared the government to try and arrest him.

“Is this a kingdom or a democracy?” the PTI supremo asked outside his Bani Gala residence. “What crime have we committed? Why did they stop me from going to Rawalpindi?”

“When IHC directed [authorities] not to block Islamabad then why was Bani Gala sealed?”

Explaining his decision to not resist police in reaching Rawalpindi, Imran said: “We were going to Pindi to prepare for Nov 2, but when they [police] stopped us we established that there is no point in doing this today when our target is Nov 2.”

He said he would show during the Islamabad protest “what the power of people actually is”.

“I will follow you till my last breath,” he warned Nawaz Sharif. “If you put me in jail, I will come after you when I get out.”

Imran further alleged that although Nawaz chants the mantra of democracy, he does that “just to safeguard his corruption”.

“To hide his corruption, he does not respect any law…THE DAWN

Hillary Clinton will win. But what kind of president will she be?



The clearest and most immediate evidence is in the opinion polls, which consistently show Clinton ahead in the popular vote. That process has been strengthened by the televised debates and, in particular by the final debate, which Clinton clearly won, and in which Trump’s hostility to women seems to have had a lasting mobilisation impact.

Clinton supporters on 26 October in Tampa, Florida.

Clinton supporters on 26 October in Tampa, Florida. ‘If each demographic group votes the same way in 2016 as in 2012, the Democratic lead will rise by about 1.5%.’ Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images / Picture from THE GUARDIAN

That generally strong Clinton lead is also buttressed by local polling in the states where victory is essential under America’s electoral college system. With occasional exceptions, these polls show Clinton on course for a large electoral college win. Dismiss the polls if you like. But the fact that Trump and his running mate Mike Pence are spending time campaigning in states such as North Carolina and Utah shows that they are having to defend their own territories rather than attack in Clinton’s.

All this may change, of course. It’s the safest prediction in the book to say that the contest will narrow in the final days. But the general likelihood is surely that it will not narrow much. By this stage in 2012, only 9% of voters had not made up their minds. It seems unlikely that the proportion would be much different in…

Fifth column: Meaningless jingoism


When a Bollywood film becomes a threat to Indian nationalism, it becomes pathetically obvious that there is something wrong with this kind of nationalism. It shamed me to watch Karan Johar appear on national television last week to plead abjectly for his film. While doing this, he promised that he would never use Pakistani actors in future films, if Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was allowed to be screened by the thugs and cowards who have colluded in the campaign to stop it. Without exception, this gang is made up of fools, so they never noticed that their campaign damaged India and the Indian film industry. Not Pakistani actors or Pakistan.

People whose nationalism is so fragile that they need to wear it on their sleeves are of limited intelligence, so they never see the big picture. If they did, they would have seen that Indian soft power is as powerful a weapon against Pakistan as our military power. I have been in Lahore or Karachi in times of tension between India and the Islamic Republic, and observed that even those who demanded most…INDIAN EXPRESS

BRICS create balancing influence in world affairs

Chu Yin | OCTOBER 23 2016

First, in the political sphere, the BRICS are helping to change the way in which the global governance model has always been centered around Western developed economies. The bloc has changed the post-Cold War world order, in which the global dominance of the US was enshrined, and has more broadly resisted the global hegemony of Western nations. BRICS nations, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, are of pivotal significance for containing Western influence and neo-colonial control, as well as for rectifying the unfair and unrighteous global governance regime.

The grouping of BRICS nations indicates not only a union of the new powers that have been marginalized by the West, but also an attempt to acknowledge diversity. Especially…People’s Daily

Telescope: Mosquitoes cross the LoC



Image result for shailaja bajpai

 OCTOBER 20 2016

It was Monday evening. Manju, middle-aged Gujarati, mother of two, grandmother of two (girls), and crazed TV news addict, was exhausted (TV Ke Uss Paar, Zindagi).

She’d been chasing mosquitoes since Breaking News announced that “Over 7,400 people afflicted with chikungunya in the national capital.’’ and TV had given the battle cry: “All out war on mosquitoes”, “#Culprits must be punished”, “First Pak, now mossies: India strikes back”. True patriot, Manju had gone to war, with a battery-operated mosquito bat.

Now, she collapsed before the LCD, armed with dhoklas. It was 9 pm, time for her daily TV fix. DD News showed visuals of overcrowded Delhi hospitals and Narendra Modi: “The prime minister condemned the cowardly…INDIAN EXPRESS

Jokes apart

OCTOBER 20 2016

The writer is an art historian.


I HAD meant it as a joke, but India took it seriously. I had written the other day to some Indian friends to wish them on the festival of Dussehra (Rama’s victory over his demon opponent Ravana), commenting flippantly that there would be no marks for guessing who would be Ravana this year.

Whoever in India monitors circumcised carrier pigeons and wingless emails must have intercepted my message, for sure enough a few days ago, in Amritsar’s main Ranjit Avenue, in addition to the traditional effigy of a multi-headed Ravana, was an even larger figure draped in the Pakistani flag with an image of Nawaz Sharif pasted…DAWN, Pakistan

Why do people dislike Hillary Clinton? The story goes far back

OCTOBER 18 2016


President Bill Clinton takes his oath of office, accompanied by Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 1993.

President Bill Clinton takes his oath of office, accompanied by Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 1993. Photograph: Everett/Rex/Shutterstock / Picture from THE GUARDIAN

A sense of untrustworthiness has haunted the Democrat this election, but the roots of hostility against her are much deeper

There is – and perhaps there always will be – a dedicated group of people who don’t know Hillary Clinton personally, but nonetheless hate her.

Whether they are truly a “vast rightwing conspiracy” (as Clinton called them in 1998) or just many in number and conservative in outlook, there’s no arguing that they exist or that they continue to try to influence public opinion on the Democratic nominee.

But even if people consider themselves savvy enough to reject the strangest conspiracy theories (sample claims include that she is a mass-murderer, a closeted lesbian faking her 40-year marriage, a member of the Illuminati and/or an agent of the devil himself), there seems little doubt that an undercurrent of hostility spanning decades has had an impact upon how she…

Donald Trump’s Disastrous Debate

OCTOBER 9 2016

Picture by Lucy Nicholson / Reuters / PICTURE FROM THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY

The debate was not long on policy, as questions about the Affordable Care Act and the war in Syria demonstrated. Clinton said that while the country might have been better off with non-employer-backed health insurance, she preferred to fix flaws in the law that President Obama signed, and she recited its most popular provisions. She did not specify what her fixes might be. Then Trump came up. His answer was a meandering mess. Asked how he would guarantee coverage for people with preexisting conditions, he promised to allow the sale of insurance across state lines and block-grant Medicaid to states. Both proposals are popular…THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY

A coaching class for politicians

OCTOBER 10 2016



We all need coaching. When I bowled the outswing, I and others of my vintage who played cricket in the fifties kept the shining side of the ball facing the slips. Now, I am told, it is the other way around. That’s how you get reverse swing. No one told us. If you want to play the IPL, you better forget about the incline of the left elbow. You can’t hit towards mid-wicket or long-on if you are gonna be…INDIAN EXPRESS

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